In 1854, the two businessmen Wilhelm Ernst Haas Senior and his son Wilhelm Ernst Haas Junior acquired the iron foundry
in the Neuhoffnungshütten in Hesse, the forerunner of HAAS. They demonstrated foresight and innovative spirit from the very beginning.

Today, HAAS+SOHN is the only full-range supplier in the industry and the specialist for innovative stoves and hearths.
The product range extends from fireplace kits to wood-burning and pellet stoves to oil-fired stoves and ranges.

From the beginning until today it is our claim to create a GOOD TIME for our customers. Our knowledge and know-how has been confirmed by numerous awards. This claim is the basis that makes HAAS+SOHN a distinctive and high quality brand - characterized by design, innovation and
quality. The success on the European market is our confirmation.
As a result, HAAS+SOHN has been one of the most successful manufacturers of stoves and ranges for over 165 years. With over 270 employees in several European production facilities and a dense network of sales partners, the company is a leader in Central Europe.