Code of Conduct

of Haas + Sohn Ofentechnik GmbH

1. Our mission
By means of state-of-the-art technology, outstanding design and high-quality workmanship of our products, we influence not only the lifestyle but also the living quality of our customers with the aim of bringing about a GOOD TIME.

2. Our vision
We define new standards in precision, service and comfort for the individual lifestyle!

3. Our values

3.1 Responsibility
Responsibility along the entire value chain - starting with the supplier, our colleagues and our customers - plays an extremely important role for us. We take responsibility for our activities. Precision and honest work are basic values to which we attach great importance.

3.2 Appreciation
Appreciating one's own work and the work of others creates respect in society. It is essential to actively listen to others, to ask questions and to value the contribution of each employee to the success of the company.
3.3 Foresight
A clear definition of long-term goals is crucial for the successful realisation of our vision. Decisions are made carefully and with the benefit of many years of experience. In order to be successful in the market, the latest trends must be picked up and changes in the lifestyle of our customers must be predicted at an early stage.

3.4 We-feeling
The achievement of desired goals can only be realised if all parties involved, employees, customers and suppliers, cooperate in the best possible way. Team cohesion and identification with our company are important to us!

3.5 Mobility
The world is more dynamic than ever. Market conditions, customer requirements and technology are subject to constant change. In order to be able to guarantee the success of our company in the future, it is necessary to react proactively to these changes.
3.6 Reliability Keeping commitments and deadlines is essential for us. In doing so, we want to give our customers and business partners the best possible confidence. Our management is reliable and decisions are transparent.

4 Code of Conduct

4.1 Conduct among each other
We are committed to respectful, courteous treatment of our employees. Discrimination, insults, discrimination and harassment will not be tolerated. It is important that we help and support each other, and that we keep agreed appointments with each other or, if necessary, actively inform each other if we are unable to do so.

4.2 Behaviour in the working environment
We ensure that safety standards are adhered to in order to prevent accidents at work or dangerous situations as far as possible. Should accidents or hazards nevertheless occur, they must be reported immediately. We also reduce the risk of endangering the health of our employees by ensuring that the use of prescribed protective work equipment and work clothing is mandatory.
We act according to the precautionary principle, proactively take initiatives to promote greater environmental awareness and encourage the development of environmentally friendly technologies. We always strive to ensure that all products along the entire value chain comply with environmental standards.

4.3 Conduct towards customers, suppliers and authorities
We always treat our business partners with responsibility and respect in order to be able to guarantee a trusting cooperation. We are aware of our responsibility in handling customer data and protect it from misuse. We select our suppliers with transparent procedures; cooperation and reliability are our top priorities. Information is treated confidentially and only obtained through legal channels.

4.4 Conduct in competition
We attach great importance to fair contract design and ethically and legally impeccable business conduct. Price or condition agreements are not permitted. Likewise, the exchange of information about customers, etc. with competitors is not tolerated. We act in accordance with our strategic goals and avoid conflicts of interest. Corruption and bribery are prohibited. Gifts or advantages that could influence the decision of the parties involved must not be accepted. Only in the context of long-standing business relationships is it permitted, as a matter of courtesy, to grant gifts that do not exceed the threshold value of EUR 35.

4.5 Conduct towards the company
Reliable, appropriate handling of entrusted assets of the company is of great importance to us. Every employee should be aware of this and behave appropriately so that damage to assets can be avoided at an early stage. Likewise, it is necessary that employees do not misuse information about business brands, acquired patents, industrial designs, licences, etc. for personal gain.
Since a lot of professional experience and internal information is gathered over the years, we require appropriate handling of internal know-how, which should serve to solve work tasks and not be carried to external persons.